Monday, June 30, 2008

J Roddy Walston and The Business

They're just 4 nice clean-cut boys from Baltimore, who want to rock and roll their way into your hearts. Or to put it another way...

J Roddy Walston and The Business are just good old fashioned, stomp the floor, fist in the air, holler at the sky rock and roll. Imagine the soundtrack for your next 3 day bender, if your drinking buddies were Jerry Lee Lewis, Freddy Mercury, Jack White and Ronnie Van Zandt. Then imagine what Jerry Lee's undershirt would look like on Monday morning: that's the sound of J Roddy in a nutshell.

Already getting lots of love throughout the blogosphere, J Roddy and co. are now preparing to threaten the quiet existence of the masses, opening for the Hold Steady, putting the finishing touches on their latest, Hail Mega Boys (dropping on September 9th), and bringing their rock n' roll circus back to IA country on July 18th at IOTA.

mp3: Used To Did



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