Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Not Just A Super Front Wedgie

Since I'm apparently the resident old fart here at IA, I decided it was only fitting that I take a stab at reviewing the new track by Melvins. Truth be told, I never really listened to much of their music back when it first came out, but since some of our erstwhile writers weren't even born when their first LP dropped, what can you do?

To bring you up-to-speed, Melvins largely are considered one of the first, true grunge bands. Kurt Cobain was from the same town of Aberdeen and even allegedly auditioned to join the band as their bassist. Had he made the cut, the world may never have known Nirvana, but I'm digressing. Melvins have been putting out albums since 1986 and now they're back with their latest, Nude With Boots.

The eponymous title track kicks off with pounding drums before the crunchy guitars and distorted vocals enter into the fray. The resulting tune actually sounds more '70s metal than early '90s grunge, but it's a rocker nonetheless. Keeping with the Seattle sound initiative, the lyrics remain nearly unintelligible.

The full CD is slated for a July 8th release date and a tour that brings them east follows shortly after.

mp3: Nude With Boots



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