Friday, June 20, 2008

Feed The Animals Out Now!

Girl Talk has finally released his 4th studio album, Feed The Animals. A follow-up to 2006's Night Ripper, this album is the next iteration of mash ups. If you head over to Illegal Art, you can pledge whatever you want to pay to get the album. Even nothing, if you wish. However, if getting something for nothing is not something you jive well with, there are a number of extras for certain dollar amounts. At the $5 level, you will get the album in individual mp3 tracks, the tracks in FLAC, as well as the entire album in one continuous mp3 file. At the $10 level, you receive all of the previous files as well as the physical CD when it is released on September 23. If you just want to hear it first, you can stream the entire album on his myspace page.

I have listened to the album a couple of times and I feel that it is more polished, but not as clubish as Night Ripper. It is in the same format, but the album samples songs from the last 25 years or so and has more of a 90s feel to it. It is a bit faster paced and uses less beats in the background, which gives it more of a pop sound. If you have listened to many of the remixes from The Hood Internet, you will be familiar with many of the newer samples used. That said, with 200+ samples used on the album, it sounds like nothing released before. I'll leave you with a sample.

mp3: Give Me A Beat



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