Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weeds Season Three Soundtrack Smoked Me Out

And by that I mean I’ve never seen the show, but the soundtrack is freaking awesome. I may show a little bias towards the track listing due to my undying love of Page France’s adorability and That 1 Guy’s sheer, uncompromising genius. But, in the name of what seems to be a show about a scandalous suburban woman: I do what I want.

Lionsgate Pictures announced the digital release of the Weeds Season Three Soundtrack (Buy) on June 3. A showcase of some of the indie genre's most promising talent and artistry, the release will be followed by’s exclusive sale of the CD. Shortly thereafter, there will be a wide retail release.

Track Listing:
01. Randy Newman - 'Little Boxes'
02. Page France - 'Chariot'
03. That 1 Guy - 'Buttmachine'
04. Beirut - 'Scenic World'
05. The Dresden Dolls - 'Girl Anachronism'
06. Ween - 'You F**ked Up'
07. Oh No! Oh My! - 'Walk in the Park'
08. Illinois - 'Nosebleed'
09. Great Lake Swimmers - 'Your Rocky Spine'
10. Mr. Smolin - 'The Earth Keeps Turning On'
11. Kevin Nealon - 'Just Like the Superdome'
12. State Radio - 'Keep Sake'
13. Eleni Mandell - 'Let's Drive Away'

Because I'm so scandalous and suburban, here's a video of the character Doug's dance to "Buttmachine" by That1Guy.

I will also leave you with one of my favorite tracks.

mp3: Page France - Chariot

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Blogger dukes said...

why isn't marijuana from the ending credits of episode 4 on t he soundtrack?

Sunday, June 08, 2008  

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