Friday, May 02, 2008

Kristy Hanson Crosses the Country

Continuing on in my love of seeking out good female songwriters, I stumbled upon (ok, her PR team helped a little bit) LA’s Kristy Hanson. Kristy’s bassist, producer and long-time partner Mike Chiaburu joins her for a trip down the east coast, carrying one half of the duo's "marvelous chemistry" (as confirmed by Music Connection magazine). This tour supports her recent release, the delightful Already Gone, and seems to join a female collaboration with a number of shows that partner Kristy with powerful female artists across the country. At The Red and The Black in DC, applauded local artists Stella Schindler and Mara Levi will round out an evening of music that complements the aforementioned theme.

Released in 2007, Already Gone was recorded in Los Angeles by engineer Ryan Freeland (Aimee Mann, Joe Henry), and was mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Gavin Lurssen. Singing “Is it so wrong to wanna like myself at the end of the day,” Kristy tours our way within this week.

5/2 Read Street Books, Baltimore, MD
5/4 The Red & The Black, Washington, DC




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