Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I immediately like punk folkies Bombadil because they’ve written a song about the honorable Jilian of Norwich and I’ve never heard one before. The Ramseur Records’ band, out of North Carolina was formed by Daniel Michalak, Bryan Rahija and Stuart Robinson, drawing on a fun blend of influences to create a romping sound. Claiming roots in straightforward rock and Bolivian waltzes, the band places much of their music in piano-driven laments, springy marches and an appealing live show. Honestly, any band that uses a charango, glockenspiel, accordion, recorder and zampona in concert is more than fine by me. Much like Ramseur Records labelmates The Avett Brothers, The Everybodyfields and Samantha Crain, the eclectic personality of Bombadil’s guide the whole of the band along. As luck would have it, they come our way this May before they play Bonnaroo next month.

5/7 Baltimore Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD
5/9 Coffee East, Easton, MD
5/10 The Red and The Black, Washington, DC

Smile When You Kiss
Julian of Norwich

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