Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We’re So Delinquent

Forgive us, Colin Meloy. Colin Meloy Sings Live! has been out for almost a whole month and we really only mentioned it briefly as part of our weekly release feature. Sigh. Here’s my attempt at reconciliation.

The 14-song set documents The Decemberists’ lead singer/songwriter’s 2006 solo tour, a two-week trek across the U.S., coinciding with the release of Colin Meloy Sings Shirley Collins, his six-song EP paying homage to the revered British folksinger. If the Decemberists are a great, big, proper family of vintage indie rock, then Colin Meloy is the proud, acoustic, father. Obviously mesmerizing, Meloy throws back to his first band, covering Tarkio’s “Davil’s Elbow” and, of course, touches on various Decemberists’ cuts. Along the way, he utilizes bits and pieces of songs from Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, REM and The Smiths and even performs a version of the traditional folk song “Barbara Allen” that owes much to Shirley Collins’ arrangement. Between these and two previously unreleased originals, Meloy playfully coaxes the audience into sing-alongs and discusses the presence of a stuffed sheep, sitting on the table next to him.

Here’s a twofer. A download and live video of “We Both Go Down Together".

We Both Go Down Together



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