Saturday, April 05, 2008

Two Weeks of Releases

I've been a little busy, so I am combining the past 2 weeks of releases into one post. My picks over this time include Los Campesinos!'s first full length Hold On Now Youngster and The Raconteurs' Consolers of the Lonely. I have never been much of a Jack White fan, so the later disc especially surprised me. Regardless of your preferences, there are plenty of quality discs to choose from. Enjoy!

Los Campesinos!

Hold On Now, Youngster (Buy) - "Death to Los Campesinos!"

The Raconteurs

Consolers Of The Lonely (Buy) - "The Switch and the Spur"

Other Notable Releases:

The Billionaires

Really Real for Forever (Buy)- "The End of Summer Song"


Accelerate (Buy)

King of Spain

Entropy (Buy) - "Animals (Part 1)"

Unwed Sailor

Little Wars (Buy) - "Little Wars"

The Black Keys

Attack and Release (Buy)- "Strange Times"


Wet Zoo (Buy) - "Sore"

The Quarter After

Changes Near (Buy) - "See How Good It Feels"

Colour Revolt

Plunder Beg and Curse (Buy) - "A Siren"

The B-52s

Funplex (Buy) - "Hot Corner"

De Novo Dahl

Move Every Muscle, Make Every Move (Buy) - "Make Some Sense"

Elf Power

In A Cave (Buy) - "Spiral Stairs"

Plants and Animals

Parc Avenue (Buy) - "Faerie Dance"

Sun Kil Moon

April (Buy) - "Moorestown"

Tally Hall

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Buy) - "Spring and A Storm"

Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears

Flight Of The Knife (Buy) - "Imitation of the Sky"



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