Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This Week's Releases

This is yet another packed week of releases. I can recommend M83's new one, Saturdays=Youth, as well as You Have No Idea What You Are Getting Into, for all my electro fans out there. Also in the pile of really good releases, are albums from Culture Reject, In Flight Radio and Ours.


Saturdays=Youth (Buy) - Full Album Stream

Does It Offend You, Yeah?

You Have No Idea What You Are Getting Yourself Into (Buy) - "We Are Rockstars"

Culture Reject

Culture Reject (Buy) - "Inside The Cinema"

In Flight Radio

The Sound Inside (Buy) - "Red Flags"


Mercy (Buy) - Full Album Stream

Freddie Stevenson

All My Strange Companions (Buy) - "Easy Now" & Full Album Stream

The Kooks

Konk (Buy) - Full Album Stream

Joseph Arthur

Crazy Rain EP (Buy) - "Nothin 2 Hide"

Sally Shapiro

Remix Romance Vol. 1 (Buy) - "Time To Let Go (Lindstrom Remix)"

The Silver State

Cut And Run (Buy) - "Under the Rug (Demo Version)"

Black Francis

Svn Fngrs (Buy) - "I Sent Away"

The Child Ballads

Cheekbone Hollows (Pop. 1/2 Life) EP (Buy) - "Cheekbone Hollows"

The Autumns

Fake Noise From A Box Of Toys (Buy) - "Boys"

Frightened Rabbit

The Midnight Organ Fight (Buy) - "The Modern Leper"

American Princes

Other People (Buy) - "Real Love"



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