Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Like Nicotine-Infused, Chocolate Flavored Crack

I don't really watch too many of the videos that come into ye olde IA inbox. For one, my internet connection at the office isn't too hot (not that I EVER work on IA stuff while at my day job) and, for another, I'd rather listen to the music with nothing more than my own imagination to determine what the song is trying to say. However, when I received the e-mail from Swedish artist Lykke Li's PR people, I decided, why not? To be completely honest, her press photo looked so much like Fiona Apple, I wanted further proof to determine whether or not LL was LL or actually FA. Let me tell you, from about five seconds into "Little Bit," I was mesmerized. Sure, the song is above average, but damnation, the video has the effect of nicotine-infused, chocolate flavored crack. It's THAT addictive.

The track is a jangly, electro affair with a stuttering beat. The video is shot with interrupting cut shots and, for some reason, I could not take my eyes off of it. Hopefully it was the strong cinematography or the cuteness of Ms. Li and lines like, "and for you I keep my legs apart," but I'm afraid that it might have been the crazy guy in the boxers, wife beater, suspenders and business socks or the insane piano player dude. Don't tell my fiancee or mother this, but I'm pretty sure that I want to have sex and/or do drugs with pretty much everyone in this video. I'm just saying.

LL released her debut LP, Youth Novels, in Sweden already, and plans on dropping it Stateside later this year. Before that, however, she's dropping her EP, Little Bit (Buy), in the near future. We've got the video and mp3 for "Little Bit" to whet your appetite.

Lykke just announced her first US tour, and while I'm devastated that she's not making it to DC, those of you in Philly can count yourselves lucky and catch her live.

05.06.08 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's

For those of you that attend, I'd be eternally grateful if you could drop me a line telling me she actually isn't Fiona Apple. If you happen to get crazy boxer shorts guy's phone number, well, keep that for yourself.

Little Bit



Blogger Ashleigh said...

This is the one and only time I wished I lived in Philly (sorry Philadelphians). I've been trying very hard to watch this video every day. Like, right now, I have 15 mins. before I have to run into a meeting (like Chris I never, ever do IA work at work work)so I can probably watch this video at least two times before I have to pull myself together and resume being an adult.

I'm not sure how to actually say her name but, I hope the following rhymes - Lykke Li, come to DC!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008  

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