Friday, April 18, 2008

Hip-Hop for the Common Man

As IA's token hip-hop super-fan, I get many songs passed my way that most of my colleagues pass over. CD does a good job picking out a few gems, but the man is only human. My tastes in hip-hop vary just as much as they do with any other genre, so it isn't often that I find some new music that makes me extremely excited to listen to. You can understand then why I was extremely excited to get a copy of Common Market's new EP.

Common Market is a collaboration between RA Scion and Sabzi (Blue Scholars) that was formed after Sabzi provided beats for RA Scion's solo 2004 release. The EP features perfectly crafted lyrics backed by fantastic, albeit minimalistic, beats. It will be followed by a full length in September.

Black Patch War, derives its name from an early 20th century farmer's rebellion in Western Kentucky. The duo perfectly captures the strife and frustration experienced by the farmers and make the songs explode with feeling. Take a listen to the album's title track and look for the EP out digitally on May 6th and physically on May 20th.

Black Patch War



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