Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Claiming to combine elements of British pop, indie rock, and classical composition, Denver, CO based band, Fiancé, certainly fashions a vibrant suit that is both enticing and personal. In May of 2007, Fiancé was chosen by a panel of CMJ judges to occupy a spot on the Virgin College Mega Tour. To be coy, Please, Ambitious, Please, their 2008 five-song release, hits all the right highs and lows and shows off principal songwriter, Patrick McGuire’s lyricism and David Bazan-like vocals.

Recorded by Fiancé drummer/engineer Chris Sturniolo in homes, basements, and bedrooms between June and December of 2007, the disc also includes handsome performances by Michael James (specializing in slide guitar) and Tyler Reschke (bass). For example, pianos and horns mashed up into a neat, sing-able “Super-Soft Knife” make for the perfect opener, featuring a sad witticism on a young relationship. In fact, a large part of the short CD plays out this way - a mixture of joy and sadness carried through by an instrumental, vocal, and lyric vehicle.

Check out the romping video for “I Don’t Want You Anymore” and support fake mustaches and alien chivalries.



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