Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This Week's Releases

Now that SXSW is over, we can start preparing for all the new music that was premiered there. My picks for this week include DeVotchKa's A Mad & Faithful Telling, as well as Destroyer's Trouble In Dreams. There is a local release from Baltimore's Kadman and Gnarls Barkley surprised everyone by moving up their release at the last second.


A Mad & Faithful Telling (Buy) - "Transliterator" & Full Album Stream


Trouble In Dreams (Buy) - "Foam Hands" & Full Album Stream

Fuck Buttons

Street Horrrsing (Buy) - "Sweet Love for Planet Earth" & Full Album Stream

The Dodos

Visiter (Buy) - "Fools" & Full Album Stream

These New Puritans

Beat Pyramid (Buy) - "Elvis"

Great Northern

Sleepy Eeepee (Buy) - "Telling Lies"

She & Him

Volume 1 (Buy) - "Why Don't You Let Me Stay Here"

The Kills

Midnight Boom (Buy) - "Cheap and Cheerful"

Be Your Own Pet

Get Awkward (Buy) - "Food Fight"

Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles (Buy) - "Good Time"

The Teenagers

Reality Check (Buy) - "Starlett Johansson"

Kadman (Baltimore)

Sing To Me Slower (Buy) - "Sorry"

Joseph Arthur

Could We Survive (Buy) - "Rages of Babylon"

Gnarls Barkley

The Odd Couple (Buy) - "Run" video



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