Friday, March 28, 2008

Sisters 3

As an avid fan of both lyrical competency and a good use of falsetto, I’m typically drawn to folk music of all kinds. Even more so, I’m usually thrilled after stumbling across a good female-fronted band, as they tend to be few and far between. Mix it all together and out comes Sisters 3. As the name states, the three band members are indeed three sisters and have apparently been singing together since the beginning of well, being sisters. To boot the Pennsylvanians come off with an other-worldly, minimalist charm which isn’t even realized due to the overpowering vocal melodies. They aren't coming to DC just yet, but they have several PA dates on the books. I'll leave you with a couple of tracks off of their soon to be released CD, Star Spangled.

3/28: Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA
3/29: Tritone, Philadelphia, PA
5/04: Spoutwood Farms, Glen Rock, PA

Giggling Gremlins
Star Spangled



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love the Sisters 3 and have been seeking there albums EVERYWHERE!!!
I was so excited to see this post but please upload to or something because or whatever says you are out of bandwidth and mediafire doesnt have those problems. Thanks in advance!
PLease please please reupload!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010  

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