Friday, March 14, 2008

Saint Bernadette

I Wanna Tell You Something is Saint Bernadette’s follow-up to 2007’s sultry In The Ballroom. It switches gears from it's predecessor to focus on a more romantic, dramatic love affair and features sing along choruses and abnormal circus melodies culminating in a five song journey through temptation, nerve, and exposure. Keith Saunders and Meredith DiMenna make up the distorted rock/James Bond theme song/Billie Holiday mash-up, coming off as a kinder, gentler, more complete Brandie Carlisle. Religious history says that Saint Bernadette changed the future of her hometown of Lourdes with her unexplained visions, and Saint Bernadette, the rock band, claims to be poised to put their hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut on the indie music map. Either way, they’ll take you from your stark white, paper-obsessed desk job into the back of a stout-tainted, dirty city bar in no time.

Love Is A Stranger
One In A Million



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