Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Prince TV on the Dock in the Bay

When our fearless leader, Joe, sent over Francis and the Lights, I ignored it. When he wrote me again and claimed the band sounded like a mix between Prince and Otis Redding, I had a first--I paid attention to him.

With predominately falsetto vocals, 80s-era keyboards and a funky, shuffling guitar groove, I'd have to say that Joe was pretty spot on in his assessment. I'd throw in some of the vocal stylings of Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio, too, as he drops into a lower register than His Royal Badness does when not hitting those high notes, but why quibble?

My only point of contention is that we're talking more pre-"Dirty Mind" Prince, but at least they're not asking us to become Jehovah's Witnesses and refusing to talk about sex, so it's a minor point at best, I suppose.

The boys have just released their EP, "Striking," available for one and all. Check out their MySpace or just grab a copy below. It starts off with the aforementioned vintage '80s feeling, before delving into slightly more "ballad-y" territory to close out things. If you've been lamenting since 1999, this one probably is for you.

My Goals
How Could You?
He Was A Good Friend
I'll Never Forget You



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