Friday, March 14, 2008


As of Friday March 24th, miniblackhole, the London-based, 90’s influenced experimental rock band, has 25 Myspace friends and a website with just a few blog entrees. There’s virtually no information on the band I’ve been listening to all morning, except what I’m writing right now. This is so much pressure. Miniblackhole has everything one would hope an amateur rocker would have; good writing, catchy music, improvable quality. With a little more time and some better recordings (there are only demos, so far), I’m pretty sure miniblackhole’s stats will increase, tenfold.

Check out “Love Solutions”, the idiosyncratic, purposely bawdy cut composed completely of dance/trance music and management-speak lyrics. I’m going to venture out and say it’s hilarious and perfectly suited for multiple inspired YouTube music videos. I'll also post "Far To Go." When you are done listening to those, hit their myspace for more music and to increase their friend count.

Love Solutions
Far To Go



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