Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Colin Stetson Declares Warfare

To be honest, my knowledge of contemporary jazz leaves something to be desired. Sure, I have scads of the classics on ye olde iPod, from Miles to Coltrane, Diz to the Bird, but that's about where my knowledge of the genre begins and ends. Some artists, though, have such an impressive curriculum vitae, that my ears perk up and I have to give them a listen.

And thus, I stumbled across the genius that is Colin Stetson. New History Warfare, Volume 1 hit the stands on March 4 and Stetson will be playing select dates, including 3/15 in Philadelphia. Of particular note, he hosted his CD Release party for a two night residence in Brooklyn where he performed duets with Stuart Bogie (Antibalas, Celebration), Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire, Bell Orchestre) and Jeremiah Lockwood (Sway Machinery, Balkan Beat-Box). Let's just hope he brings that kind of line-up to our neck of the woods in the near future.

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