Thursday, February 14, 2008

Too Much Radiohead

Like always, there is a ton of Radiohead news. I decided to put it all in one post.

Today is Valentine's Day in case you forgot (there is still time to make plans I think) and Radiohead has a present for you. NPR's "All Songs Considered" will have a guest DJ by the name of Thom Yorke. You may have heard of him. The show will not be streamed live in our area, but you can download the podcast here Thursday afternoon. In addition to playing his favorite tracks, Thom will be discussing In Rainbows as well as other topics such as how he goes about finding new music.

The band just released a new video for "Videotape".

Radiohead - Videotape

They also announced some of their US tour dates, including DC.

05-11 Nissan Pavilion, Bristow, VA

Finally, DJ/Producer AmpLive released his remix CD for In Rainbows. This CD is sure to appeal to all the hip-hop fans as well as anyone that is a fan of remixes. I'll leave you with a sample and you can grab the whole disc here.

Weird Fishez

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