Monday, February 04, 2008

Peter and the Wolf on Tour

While most regional bands will be heading south towards my former stomping grounds and the craziness that is SXSW, an Austin band is heading up to the Northeast to ply their trade. Actually, Peter and the Wolf is typically just one man, Red Hunter. A true experimentalist in music, his latest album, Ivori Palms, is at times minimalist, using only piano and handclaps to create haunting ballads, but also explores instruments that you would not normally find in American music, like a Kalimba, a thumb piano originating in Africa. Those who enjoyed his previous work will assuredly find the new album a worthy pick-up.

Stange Machines
Where Summer Goes

See Peter and the Wolf Live:

2/04: IOTA, Arlington
2/05: Frisby House, Baltimore
2/06: Bacchus Theater, Newark DE
2/07: TBD, Lancaster, PA (check your local listings)
2/08: Wiley's, Annapolis



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