Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Northern Liberties Winter Music Festival

All this week, local musicians (and some out-of-towners) descend upon the Northern Liberties section of Philly, more specifically one venue, The Fire. Most nights have what seems to be a theme. So pick your favorites and get there early. This place is small and is guaranteed to fill up quick. Check out the entire line-up here. Here are some of the highlights:


Tuesday night features a definite folk overtone. Be sure to check out Cowmuddy and Devin Greenwood.

Cowmuddy - On Your Star
Devin Greenwood - This Over Here


Wednesday is a bit experimental. Philly-faves Papertrigger are sure to bring a huge turn-out.

Papertrigger - Fox Hunting

These United States

Thursday is a bit difficult to peg to one specific genre, but it is a great line-up. Local songstress Birdie Busch and the acoustic-folk of Hezekiah Jones are great acts to see. The big act of the night is These United States. You may have heard of these guys.

Birdie Busch - Mystical
Hezekiah Jones - Albert Hash
These United States - So High So Low So Wide So Long

Friday, hip-hop, reggae, and soul are represented with the likes of The Dialects, Anam Owili-Eger, and Don McCloskey.


Saturday, all the big names from the Philly scene are on stage with a few out-of-town guests. The genres run the scale from mellow acoustic to electro-pop. This is one big line up for one night: Peasant, Creaky Boards, Emily Easterly, East Hundred, Cheers Elephant, Drink Up Buttercup, Crooked Looks, and Illinois. Doors open at 7 and the music goes deep into the night.

Cheers Elephant - Wide Eyed
Creaky Boards - Pretty Boy
Crooked Looks - Pay Day Baby
Drink Up Buttercup - Young Ladies
East Hundred - Killing Moon
Emily Easterly - Miami
Illinois - Screendoor
Peasant - Those Days

To finish off the week, some bands will return (no listing as of yet) to perform a Radiohead tribute Sunday evening. So get out to Northern Liberties and hear some great music.

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