Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Live in The Burg: The Shackeltons and Papertrigger

I'm a firm believer in the fact that there are no ailments that cannot be cured by seeing a fantastic live show. Friday night, was the latest example of how true that statement can be. I made my way up to Harrisburg, PA to see Papertrigger and The Shackeltons.

Papertrigger was a band that I have heard a good bit of buzz about from our Philly crew. I'd familiarized myself with their debut EP, but had no idea what I could expect from their live show. Well, they were as good as billed, maybe better. They are a band that is hard to categorize and don't really sound like anyone in particular, but that is a good thing. While their recordings are solid, they pale in comparison to their amazing live show. Heavy in percussion, they deliver their unique brand of heartfelt jangly pop with fantastic precision. In a live setting, their musical presence is often jaw dropping and always captivating.

Having seen The Shackeltons before, I pretty much knew what I was in for and they did not dissapoint. They gave a high energy set and Mark Redding seemed to be quite inspired by the large audience and live radio broadcast of their set. The band gave a perfect backdrop to Mark's potent lyrics and spastic stage presence. Like usual, he was all over the place and he seemed more vital than ever. This is a band that has a lot to say and it's amazing to see how their confidence has grown, as their reputation continues to spread.

Here is a video of "Get Out" from Friday's show:

Papertrigger - We Are Nations Now!
The Shackeltons - The Breaks

Picture credits:
Papertrigger - Kyle Dean Reinford
The Shackeltons - Abbey from sound on the sound

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