Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kid Theodore

I know that IA has a rather natural East Coast bias. After all, it is where we are based. That said, there is good music that exists elsewhere. One such band is Kid Theodore from Salt lake City, UT. While you may not have heard of them, they have played with bands like Voxtrot, Why?, Snow Patrol, Ben Kweller, St. Vincent, Dan Deacon, Ladybug Transistor, Ghostland Observatory and Arizona. As that list would suggest, they are rather eclectic. Personally, I would describe them as an indie rock band that is strongly influenced by classic rock. For example, the track "Lady Luck" brings to mind The Doors. But what do I know? Listen to a couple of tracks and decide for yourself. As you will learn, no 2 tracks sound the same.

Lady Luck



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