Thursday, February 21, 2008

January Rewind

After struggling through our Best Of 2007 posts, Joe and I decided to start a new feature. At the end of every month, we are going to recap some of the musical highlights of the month that was. Videos, albums, remixes... this will help you find anything that you may have missed. Plus it will really come in handy in December, when we have to go back through the year. Since February is already half over, let's get cracking...

January was a great month for regional releases. There was not a huge quantity of them, but there definitely was quality.

Jukebox the Ghost

Let Live and Let Ghosts (Buy) - Good Day

The Shackeltons

The Shackeltons (Buy) - Your Movement


Telograph (Buy) - Caught in Headlights

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down

We Brave Bee Stings and All (Buy) - Bag of Hammers

In addition to those, a few bands released some one off tracks and live music, including a track by Bellman Barker that they recorded exclusively for us.

Bellman Barker - Two Bees

Philly's The A-Sides recorded a Daytrotter Session and DC's Jukebox The Ghost stopped by WOXY's studios.

The A-Sides - Cinematic (Daytrotter Session)
Jukebox The Ghost - Victoria (Live on WOXY)

Beyond the IA region, January also had plenty of nice national and international releases.

The Bell

Make Some Quiet (Buy) - I Am History

Bodies of Water

Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink (Buy) - These Are The Eyes

Dead Confederate

Dead Confederate EP (Buy) - The Rat


The Evening Descends (Buy) - Skeleton Man

The Helio Sequence

Keep Your Eyes Ahead (Buy) - Keep Your Eyes Ahead

The Magnetic Fields

Distortion (Buy) - Please Stop Dancing


Oracular Spectacular (Buy) - Time To Pretend

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend (Buy) - A-Punk

The Whigs

Mission Control (Buy) - Right Hand On My Heart

The Whitsundays

The Whitsundays (Buy) - Sorry James

Plenty of good videos made their way into the world during January. Both regionally....

Thao with The Get Down Stay Down - Geography

The Death Set - Negative Thinking

Celebration - Heartbreak (Prefix Studio Session)

Tereu Tereu - Furwinked! (The Lion/Bear Song)

Carol Bui - Modern Dance

Exit Clov - MK Ultra

Jukebox The Ghost - Live On WOXY

Middle Distance Runner - PSA

And beyond...

The Mary Onettes - Explosions

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk

MGMT - Time To Pretend

Dirty on Purpose - Audience In The Room

Morrissey - That's How People Grow Up

The Futureheads - The Beginning of The Twist

Iron & Wine - Live In Amsterdam (1/27/08)

That is it for January. See you in a couple of weeks, when I tackle the month that was February.



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