Thursday, February 28, 2008

In the Band

George Clinton arguably did it first with Parliament/Funkadelic. RZA conceivably did it best with the Wu-Tang Clan. Of late, Broken Social Scene seems to have a death grip on the concept and my wallet with their furthering of the process.

What the hell am I going on about? Kick ass bands that invariably have solo projects by various member that, while sometimes markedly different from the group sound, kick just as much ass on their own.

Not to be outdone by the competition, it would appear Zero 7 now is firmly in the game. Sure, most of us know about the many, splendid wonders of Sia and Jose Gonzalez, but the adoring crowds need at least one more player to put Zero 7 onto the same playing field as the aforementioned groups, yes?

Enter Tina Dico. If the name doesn't immediately leap out at you, let's see if this rings a bell. She was the lead singer on "Home" from When It Falls.

Ms. Dico is getting ready to drop her fourth solo studio album, Count to Ten, April 8th on Defend Music. While she's received numerous accolades in her native Denmark, going so far as to snag a Danish Grammy for Best Songwriter and being named Best Composer at the Danish Music Critics Awards, we'd like to see her get a little more love Stateside.

Count to Ten is mostly Dico and an acoustic guitar, with splashes of piano and drum here and there. She retains the vocal strength she demonstrated with Zero 7 and could well have a hit with "On The Run." Of course, you can decide that for yourself below.

On The Run



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