Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Goodies from the Raveonettes

While I'm still learning their bag of tricks, I have to say that I'm really starting to get into The Raveonettes. The first time I came across the Danish band was with their debut a few years back. I took a free listen at Tower Records, as they were one of their "Bands to Check Out" (remember those days? actual record stores? good times, good times). At the time, I was intrigued, but not necessarily overwhelmed. I didn't even pick up the CD. However, when I first heard "Aly Walk with Me" from their latest, Lust Lust Lust, I'll admit, my interest level was upped many notches. That distorted fuzz over seductive vocals just did something for me.

Apparently, The Raveonettes (or at least their promotion company) want you to love them, too. As such, they've sent out a boatload of goodies for your listening and viewing pleasure.

To stream the entire new album, check out their MySpace.

If you're interested in checking out the video for the track, "You Want the Candy," it's here. Comprised of concert footage, stills from the road and various backstage what have you, this is a fun time. While it's not groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination, I will say this--I now MUST see these cats live. As if Sharin Foo weren't cute enough, those on-stage dancers in their skiivies alone are worth the price of admission, to say nothing of how engaging the song itself is.

That's all good and well, you may be saying to yourself. Sure, I dig the feedback driven sound, but how do they sound acoustic? Well, wonder no more. Your answer is here (and while you're there, you can enter to win a $500 gift certificate from Guitar Center).

We also have "Dead Sound" and a remix. The track kicks off with their beloved fuzz, immediately bringing to mind some of Grandaddy's more upbeat romps. Then the surf guitar kicks in compliments of Sune Rose Wagner, followed almost immediately by Sharin Foo's lusty vocals. Throw in a couple of keys, puree and you've got a winner on your hands. The Peter Holmstrom and Jeremy Sherrer remix doesn't stray materially from the original, but attempts to give listeners a more dance friendly, "poppy" alternative. The end, however, has some nice loop action that's interesting.

Dead Sound
Dead Sound (Peter Holmstrom and Jeremy Sherrer Remix)

Now if this isn't enough for you, I don't know what else to tell you. Perhaps we can contact the label together and have the duo stop by to clean our apartments, but that's really asking for a bit much, don't you think?

Assuming your appetite is good and truly whetted, they're coming to the area, too.

03-27 Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
03-28 Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar
03-29 Washington, DC @ Black Cat



Blogger Mark said...

Seriously, you should look into their first EP with such rock classics as 'Attack of the Ghost Riders' and my all-time favorite Raveonettes track 'Beat City'. You won't regret it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008  
Blogger Karina said...

Thanks for the post!! =)

Have you seen the "Dead Sound" music video yet??

Friday, February 29, 2008  

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