Monday, February 25, 2008

The Boxing Lesson Drop Wild Streaks & Windy Days

Since I left Austin last year, I have been remiss in my coverage of some of those bands that befriended me. Last week, I got my hands on the new release from one of said bands, The Boxing Lesson. Entitled Wild Streaks & Windy Days, this album lives up to its title. Wild is not the right word for the musical roller coaster the songs take you on, but it fits. Opening with a Pink Floyd homage "Dark Side of the Moog", the psuedo-psychedelic keyboard and brooding guitar overtones continually flow through most of the entire album, blending 70's mind-bending rock with the New Wave "wall of sound" explosion of the 80s. Lead singer Paul Waclawsky's plaintive vocals is reminiscent of Catherine Wheel's Rob Dickinson, lilting on the upper registers of his range, then diving back down octaves, all without breaking a stride. Two tracks that break away from the mold are the ultra-catchy pop of "Hopscotch and Sodapop", which reminds me of the kind of song the '80s alternative' bands would put out just so they can get some radio play and the rocky-er "Freedom", a stadium anthem in waiting, with its simple chorus (and call back vocals) and driving rhythm and guitars. While the album is not a total departure from their previous work, its a definite step forward musically, encompassing an array of genres and bringing them together into a sound of their own.

If you are heading down Austin way before or for SXSW, check The Boxing Lesson shows.

2/28: The Parish (CD Release Party!)
3/11-14: SXSW (multiple shows, grab a guide, you'll find them)

Dark Side of the Moog



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