Friday, February 29, 2008

The Bittersweets

Taking their natural sound and random beginnings into consideration, The Bittersweets have pulled things together rather quickly. Within weeks of starting a string of jam sessions in a barn behind vocalist Hannah Prater’s house, neighbors started pulling out lawn chairs and rehearsals became impromptu concerts. To boot, The Bittersweet’s current drummer, Steve Bowman (former Counting Crows member), jumped on board after hearing just a couple of demos. With this type of background, their full-length debut, The Life You Always Wanted, seems aptly titled. In the streak of Over the Rhine's Karin Bergquist, Prater carries the sweet, doleful Americana straight through each and every song. They travel to Arlington's IOTA on March 11 and meet up with local, bleary-eyed crooner, Rose.

Check out a live video of “Long Day” and the mp3 for "Rapture".


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