Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Telograph @ Black Cat

I finally got back to one of my favorite places in DC, Black Cat, for a stellar lineup that did not disappoint. On Friday night, I saw Telograph's CD release show that included opening sets from The Sketches and The Red Romance.

The Red Romance

The first band was the only one from out of town, NYC's The Red Romance. These talented indie rockers warmed up the crowd magnificently. I was lucky enough to get a copy of their EP after the show and it was great, but I thought the live show was better. I believe that this is the case, because their female guitarist was not featured on the EP. Due to her stellar playing, the songs got a great burst of energy and it really added a nice dynamic to their sound. All of the solos that were played by each of the musicians were well received by the audience and had everyone dancing along. I really hope to see these guys back in town soon.

"One Shot"
The Red Romance Photos

The Sketches

Next up was one was DC's The Sketches, who are a band that I had very little familiarity with. I was impressed. These guys look classy and had a ton of energy on stage and they knew how to entertain. They were constantly joking with the crowd and they had everyone loose and dancing around. I look forward to hearing much more from them.

"Secret Alphabets"
The Sketches Photos


Our headlining act of the night, is making some of the best indie rock in DC. After opening for O.A.R. over the summer, Telograph has put together an EP full of beautifully crafted songs and this was it's coming out party. The guys came on stage and immediately started playing music. They linked their first two or three songs together with no break and just had the crowd in awe of the music that was emanating from the speakers. They went through all of the new songs, a few old ones and added several tracks that have yet to be recorded. Accompanying them was Chris from Soft Complex, who helped out on keyboards and guitar. They were planning on doing an encore and everyone in the audience was cheering for one. Due to some technical difficulties, it was not meant to be. Hopefully it will happen at the next show and I cannot wait. These guys are great musicians who write fantastic songs and I can see many doors opening for them in the future.

"Caught In Headlights"
Telograph Photos

All in all, it was a fantastic night of music that really showcased some of the best that DC has to offer. It's nights like this that remind me of why I love covering this scene.

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