Sunday, January 27, 2008

One Crazy Party

I am back from a weekend in the District, seeing the sights, going to museums, and attending one of the best CD release parties ever. Up on the mainstage Saturday night at the Black Cat was Pash, Bellman Barker, and the guys who party this was, Jukebox the Ghost. The energy from the minute I walked in was electric. You could just tell something big was happening.

Pash started out the night with a solid set. Not very familiar with most of their work, I will have to listen a little more closely now.

Up next is one of our friends and favorite bands, Bellman Barker. They played a great set and the crowd ate them up. If you weren't sure who the headliner was, you may have guessed these guys. The crowd just kept growing through the night, and by the middle of their set, the announcement was made. Sell Out! Closing out, they threw in some new songs for good measure. Expect more good things from these guys. And for those who have only heard, the 'stache is sweet!

Finally, the main attraction hit the stage. Jukebox the Ghost was having a party and everyone was invited, and everyone came. Introducing their full-length CD, Let Live & Let Ghosts, Ben, Tommy, and Jesse wasted no time in entertaining the throngs of rabid Jukebox fans. This place was insane. Trying to get pictures, I was relegated to a corner near the speakers, as the crowd was so packed near the stage. They were definitely having fun, talking to the crowd, thanking us at every opportunity. One of the highlights was the three-parter "Fire in the Sky"/"Where Are All The Scientists Now?"/"A Matter of Time. This trilogy of songs tells a great story and is so much fun to watch live. The usual ending of "Hold It In" and "Good Day" was interrupted by a Beatles cover, the epic from Abbey Road, "Golden Slumbers", "Carry That Weight", and "The End". Joining them on vocals and guitar were a couple of members from Exit Clov. All I can say is, good lord, that was f'in amazing! They finished off with the usual ending, "Good Day" with everyone in the crowd singing along.

What an amazing show! Even though the year is still early, this may be back on the best of 2008 list. Congrats to Jukebox on the new disc, and we hope to see you, Bellman, and Pash real soon.

Pictures of the night's event here.

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Blogger pash said...

thanks dude! send us an email and i'll send you some songs!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008  

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