Thursday, January 31, 2008

National Eye and The Sw!ms

The Sw!ms

Friday at Johnny Brendas is a great show of local talent. National Eye, a band that is made up of members of The Capitol Years, Windsor for the Derby, and Like Movning Insects, is hard to confine to one musical category. Drawing comparisons to Leonard Cohen and Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips and Grizzly Bear, their songs run the spectrum from psychedlic cacophony to melodic pop. And on the way soon is their third album, The Farthest Shore.

Joining them are Scranton's The Sw!ms. I've seen these guys before. They are 60's pop incarnate, with a little edge. They have fun onstage and it permeates the crowd. The lead singer is an exact double of Jonah Hill, you know, Seth from Superbad, with the white boy fro and everything. A fun set to be sure.

Opening up the show is Brooklyn singer-songwrite Pepi Ginsberg, with her own brand of ultra catchy folk-pop.

National Eye - Big Animals (live)
The Sw!ms - We Need Lava

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