Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Picture Pages

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to have two great shows come through town and I got the pictures to prove it. On Thursday, Middle Distance Runner, The Epochs and Mobius Band rolled through Wilmington, making a stop at Mojo 13. While the crowd was made up mainly of other band members (as it usually is at that venue whenever I go), it was a great show. The pictures aren't the greatest, but they work.

Middle Distance Runner

Mobius Band

Friday, the line up was all great Philly bands. Of course, stealing the show (in my opinion) was Jukebox The Ghost. Papertrigger lived up to their billing (bar brawl music and they'll blow your nuts off). Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery during the Jukebox show, so no photos of Papertrigger or Drink Up Buttercup.

Jukebox The Ghost

Check out the rest of the pic on flickr.

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