Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve Music Parties!

Don't have plans yet for Monday night? Fear not, as there are three great shows to attend in the DC area. What can beat listening to some great music while ringing in the new year?


The Epochs & Zulu Pearls - Mt. Pleasant
1801 N. Kenyon St.

This is the party that I will be at and it will most likely the smallest of the three shows. Festivities start around 10, so there is plenty of time to party before you come out. The Epochs are first and Zulu Pearls go on at the stroke of midnight and the party lasts however long it takes the last person to stumble home. The show is only $5.

Zulu Pearls - Dancing + Drinking
The Epochs - Opposite Sides

Georgie James & DJs
Rock and Roll Hotel

Over on H Street, there will be a huge blowout party at the R&R Hotel with Brightest Young Things, Georgie James and a bunch of DJs. Georgie James plays a shorter set than normal, but the party is sure to be a good one.

Need Your Needs


Last Train Home & Vandaveer


In Arlington, you can have a real Indie New Year's Eve with some great local bands. This party is technically the only official concert and even after the music ends, the party keeps going. IOTA opens at 5, if you want dinner as well. I have not personally been able to see these bands in concert myself, but Joe tells me that they are worth it.

Last Train Home - I'm Coming Home
Vandaveer - However Many Takes It Takes

No matter which you pick you are sure to have a great time.

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