Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Austin Update

I haven't done much with my former stomping grounds lately, so I thought it would be a good time to catch up with the latest news from Austin.

My friends The Drawing Board have a new song up on their Myspace page. Stick Around is a haunting piano ballad with a definite Rufus Wainwright vibe. Hoepfully more will be coming soon. Check it out and buy their album, Clear to The Far Side of Way Over Yonder and read my review of the album.

A whole slew of bands have recently released or are releasing new CDs in the near future:

AM Syndicate has a CD release party for the new release Liberation December 20th. Take a listen to a track from the album: The Neighbor and His Wife (mp3)

The Boxing Lesson has some rough mixes of some songs from the upcoming Wild Streaks & Windy Days posted. Release party is scheduled for December 15th.

Ghost of the Russian Empire also has some new songs for your listening pleasure and being assembled is a forth-coming yet unnamed full-length album.

Peter and the Wolf released The Ivori Palms earlier this fall. Much like past ventures, this album is very experimental: Where Summer Goes(mp3)

In other news, Oh No! Oh My! song Walk In The Park(mp3) was featured on Showtime's Weeds back in September. Up next for ON!OM!, they are heading over to Europe for their first tour across the pond. After they return to the states, new songs will be written and an album coming thereafter.

Finally, something on the local front, sort of. The Mercers got some air time on WXPN over the summer. I must have missed it. These guys also put together a full-length album Pretty Things Walk this year: Sexy Youth(mp3)

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