Monday, August 06, 2007

Dappled Cities - Black Cat - 8/1

I did not really know what to expect going into this show. I had heard a couple songs from Dappled Cities and I really enjoyed them, but I wasn't sure if the sound was going to transfer to live music. Thankfully, it transferred well and the show turned out to be one of the most pleasant listening experiences I have had all summer.

The opening band was All Smiles. These guys were mellow indie with a great mixture of keyboards, electric and acoustic guitar. They had a bit of trouble harmonizing the vocals with the music on some of the songs, but overall, they were really talented. The songs with the keyboard were especially moving and really enjoyable to hear. I think that with just a little more experience, these guys could have a promising career.

Now it was time for the guys from Australia to show us what they could do. For being so young, they have the talent to become really big. Their set brought on songs with dual vocals, vocals switching in between two guys and vocals that were brought forth from a sampler to have a trio harmonizing effect. All of the music was really upbeat and packed full with the two guitars, keyboard, synthesizer, drums and bass.

The songs had the crowd dancing all over the place. They had great rapport with the audience and seemed to be really enjoying themselves. The set was only about an hour, but it seemed like much longer. They packed a lot of great songs in with some amazing solos from pretty much everyone. They said they should be back in the fall. So if you get a chance, definitely check them out. They will not let you down.

All Smiles Photos
Dappled Cities Photos

Dappled Cities - Holy Chord
All Smiles - Pile Of Burning Leaves

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You have the band names attached to the wrong songs.

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