Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Vita Ruins - Black Cat (Mainstage) - Friday 7/13

The Vita Ruins

I recently discovered The Vita Ruins on myspace. When I found out about their July 13 Black Cat show, I knew right away that I wanted to go. Once I found out that they were giving away copies of their EP, it became a no-brainer. I mean, how much does that rock? As I opened the doors to the mainstage, I saw a huge stack of CDs on the Merch Table. I quickly grabbed one, grabbed a beer and waited for the set to start.

When the guys got up on stage, there was a pretty good turn out. I tried to get as close as possible, but there were two or three photographers going back and forth and that kept me from getting too close. That said, the guys played all of my favorite songs from the EP and they played some new songs as well. More and more people kept showing up during their set and everyone was really into it. It was my first time listening to that type of slow melodic music in concert, but it was just as enjoyable as an energetic rock show. You could really feel the emotion flowing from the stage.

I got the chance to talk to a couple of them after the show to see what their future plans are. They are going on a 5 or 6 day tour with The Jaguar Club starting on August 20th at IOTA. On September 1, they will be playing a show with VHS or Beta at Rock and Roll Hotel. A full length is also in the works and they hope to have that out by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. I will leave you with a track. If you like it, you can download the whole EP here.

The Vita Ruins - The Song of Ariel



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