Monday, March 26, 2007

The Daytrotter Session: These United States

These United States are a DC band that we have raved about on many occasions. Well, now we have a new reason. No, the album is not out yet (Jesse - I know that you have been known to read this site. So please tell me that this will be happening soon?). However, there is new material floating around. It also happens to be brilliant and free! Jesse recorded a Daytrotter Session that became available a few days ago. The songs are basically stripped down solo versions of some of the great These US songs. I couldn't recommend them more. Check them out and you will get a hint of how great the album is going to be. You can also read a great interview and see what Jesse has to say about the songs.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Daytrotter, they have artists come to their studio in Rock Island, IL. They record 4 songs in the studio and release them for free on their site. The recordings usually turn out to be raw live versions of the songs being played and are unique. Definitely support their wonderful site and let them know how good it is.

The Daytrotter Session
First Sight
Already Got a Girl Who Calls Me That
So High So Low So Wide So Long
What Do You Want With My Heart?

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