Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Thursday Triple Track

I'm going to be introducing a new feature for Thursdays. We'll call it the Triple Track, and will be shooting you three MP3s from bands that we've heard of over the past week or so. Could be from anywhere in the country and of any genre. These are just three quick things worth checking out every Thursday afternoon. Enjoy!


Dosh is going to be hitting the road in January and February in support of his fabulous record, The Lost Take. In addition, they'll be putting out an EP filled with some live material, as well as new studio takes featuring some special guests - most notably, Andrew Bird.

You can check out one of the live tracks here:
The Lost Take


For hardcore New Order fans, you can get a Peter Hook fix with some new material from the Portuguese based band Loto. Hook guests on two tracks on their new album, Beat Riot, including the first single, "Cuckoo Plan."

Get Hooked:
Cockoo Plan


Austin, Texas based outfit She, Sir just wrapped up their 7-song EP "Who Can't Say Yes." As the result of three years of collaboration, arrangement and songwriting, they're quite proud of what they've accomplished - and we can't really blame them. Hopefully good things are on the horizon for these hard-working indie shoegaze types.

She, Sir is no longer in hiding:
The Clandestine

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

a) Dosh is pretty awesome, I saw him with Bird in February. And I love the new record.

b)I kind of just picked up on your blog name. I've been in my Instrumental Analysis lab all semester. I hope that it really is a play off of that otherwise I'm going to feel pretty lame.

Thursday, December 14, 2006  

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