Friday, December 15, 2006

Revival and Angela Desveaux at DC9

Since I work at a music venue and play in a band, I don't head out to many shows anymore that I'm not working in some regard - especially not during the week. Last night was an exception. DC9 hosted an outstanding evening of country tinged rock, featuring Thrill Jockey recording artist Angela Desveaux (above) and Washington DC locals Revival.

The show was opened by the Starlingtons, but I only caught the last song of their set and don't have much to say about them as a result.

Desveaux, playing second, completely won me over. It has been months since I bought a record from an artist based purely upon their live set. I had never heard of this woman before, but her combination of strong songwriting, a charming voice and some of the most natural melodies I've heard in a long time proved to be winning formula. Hailing from Montreal, I expect she'll be a fixture on the indie circuit before too long - though she has enough country in her stylings to take her that route as well. In either case, I look forward to seeing her again next time she's through town. In fact, I'll probably try and get her to come play my club.

I first saw Revival as a part of a festival that we played a few months back, and was floored. FLOORED. Epic country songs led by a somewhat mysterious frontman with an accent that is unrecognizable. Funny, as I don't think he's from anywhere outside of the area...but then again, what do I know. Revival rarely gets together as a full band, as guitarist Evan Berodt lives in Chicago and is often busy playing guitar for one Jay Farrar (yes, that Jay Farrar). But the whole band was in town on Thursday, and despite some technical problems that caused some delays between songs, they put on a solid show. While certainly not at the pinnacle of their abilities, it was a strong set, highlighted by what is one of my favorite songs of the year in "Fog Rolling In." It'll be on their debut record, dropping in early 2007 on Gypsy Eyes Records, and frankly, I can't wait.

Check out some tracks here. Mosey on over to their websites and see what they're all about. All in all, this was a great Thursday night out.

Angela Desveaux

Fog Rolling In

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