Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Quick Introduction

Good morning folks! I wanted to take a quick moment to provide a quick introduction as the new contributor here at IA - my name is Chris Connelly. I'm thrilled to be here. Some quick facts about me: I live in downtown DC, I work for a music venue full time, I'm originally from outside Chicago, and I'm convinced that the Bears are going to win the Super Bowl. Seriously. Sexy Rexy will come through.

I became aware of Instrumental Analysis through the course of my band. I play guitar in Soft Complex, based out of Washington DC. Joe had gotten in touch with us, very kindly, to ask about covering some of the things that we were doing in the area. Afterward, I started paying a lot of attention to what he was doing - the area was long overdue some kind of blogger that focused on the music coming out of the Mid-Atlantic. He's been more than kind to us, and has also found some of my favorite area bands and friends alike.

When the opportunity arose to join him in working on the site, I was thrilled. I spent the last year as the music editor for On Tap Magazine, based out of Virginia. We did a lot of work focusing in on the local and regional music scene. Upon leaving that job, I was in a sort of writing void. I'm excited that Instrumental Analysis will give me an opportunity to continue that work - namely, getting the word out about some of the best bands that I know from the area. Bands that are not only some of the best from the Mid-Atlantic, but also some of the best in the country.

So thanks for having me - I'm looking forward to writing and sharing some music with everybody. I'm likely just going to chime in with some random posts every now and again, talking about whatever music has me going at that point in time. Maybe I'll create some kind of weekly column - I don't quite know yet. I'm new to the blog world - so any suggestions that people have would be more than welcome. I tend to dabble in a bit of everything, so you can count on some eclectic posts. Until then, thanks for reading.


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