Thursday, December 14, 2006

Luke Brindley Sneak Peak!

Luke Brindley comes from a long tradition of songwriters - his voice and style are frequently compared to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne and Van Morrison. As the primary guitarist and singer for Virginia based rock outfit the Brindley Brothers, Luke has been a part of two of their records, both critically acclaimed if not widely heard. Paste Magazine, for example, named their "Playing with The Light" as one of the Top 12 Debut Records of 2004, alongside some familiar names - Franz Ferdinand, Jem and Jamie Collum, to name a few. Not bad company, if you ask us.

While previous records were more roots based indie rock, we here at Instrumental Analysis feel as though Luke's new solo project is much more suited to his strengths. A little older, a bit more sure of himself, and more solidified in his artistic direction, Luke's new record - a self-titled release set to drop locally at Jammin' Java on December 22nd - is a wonderful mix of styles. Half of the album is filled with thoughtful, introspective ballads that reveal a growing artist struggling to make sense of the world around him. "Hold on to the Mystery" grasps at the vespers of a more innocent yesterday. Brindley, in his delicate tenor, guides the listener through his own realizations about life and love:

"This time of darkness will surely pass/ Hold tight to what you want to last/ When this longing hits your heart/ You can only talk about it so much/ At the end of the night you need something to touch/ Sometimes it's all you can do."

On the flip side, however, Brindley's record also has its fair share of vibrant, rolling rock songs adorned with some fabulous horn arrangements. Though Brindley lives in Virginia and hails from New Jersey, we hear an inner New Orleanian struggling to escape in tunes like "Ain't Got You" and "Surrender." I'd put either of these tunes alongside the best of Van Morrison or Daniel Lanois-era Bob Dylan in a heartbeat. They've got "instant classics" written all over them, no matter what kind of audience they eventually reach.

So check the tunes out below. If you're in the DC area, come see Luke drop his record at Jammin' Java on December 22nd at 8:00 pm, or at the special family matinee show on December 23rd at 2:00 pm. Luke will be hitting the road as well (he has a mini-tour with Stephen Kellogg), so keep an eye on his MySpace page for show details.

Luke Brindley:
Hold on to the Mystery

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