Monday, November 13, 2006

The Weekly Smackdown: 11/13/06

We were trying to come up with a way to deal with all of the music that bands send us. We get to some of it, but we don't always make it through all of our mail. Some of the stuff that we miss is very good and shouldn't be ignored. I came up with a fun little way to get more music on here and Mike agreed with my idea, so we are proud to present The Weekly Smackdown.

Every Monday, we are going to post two tracks. You have a week to vote on them. The winner will go against a new challenger the next week. If a song wins for 3 consecutive weeks, it is retired and we will have the band on for a special feature. To keep this as fair as possible, only e-mails (not comments) will be accepted for votes. Each person can only vote one time per week. If we catch a band voting for its own song, they will be disqualified.

For our first ever smackdown, it is The Windy City vs DC.

Band: The Interiors
Location: Chicago, IL
Track: The Bug
CD: Demo

Band: Death By Sexy
Location: Washington, DC
Track: Blow My Mind
CD: Big Hit

Go ahead and start the voting. The winner and their next challenger will be announced next Monday. Like always, send us any music that you want considered for inclusion on our site. Remember that for this feature, only e-mails will be accepted for votes. Leave comments only for actual comments. Please take a couple of minutes to listen to these guys and vote. Thanks!


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