Friday, November 03, 2006

How The April Skies Played Out

This doesn't happen very often, but a band that I was a fan of prior to this site, is releasing a new album. Hershey, PA's The April Skies are back with How It All Played Out. The release party will occur tomorrow night at Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg. After listening to the CD and having the honor of seeing most of tracks performed live, I can tell you that it is definitely a show that you would want to see. Plus, you can come wish me a Happy Birthday.

About 3 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of watching the guys play an intimate pre-release acoustic show and sitting down with them for an hour or so. They didn't give me a copy of the cd until after the show, so I heard most of the songs live for the first time. The songs were great stripped down and I am looking forward to hearing the full blown versions. It was also cool to hang out with them. We did our fair share of bs, but I also learned how serious they are about this disc.

How is the CD? I can tell you that it is great for long car drives to and from work, since it has been a constant for me during those times. It also sounds great turned up. There is a nice mix of straight out rock numbers and softer ballads. The album is quite personal and deals with hurt and heartache. It is also about letting go, moving on and looking forward. The Skies definitely upped their game for this one and it shows. The other thing that I noticed that night and hear on the CD, is how tight their sound is. If you just sit back and listen to the music, it is amazing how solid it is. That is also evident in their live show.

I had a hard time deciding which songs to include, so I went with a straight out rock track and a softer ballad. My Love is In This House is probably my favorite track on the CD and Unstoppable shows how powerful a ballad can be. I definitely recommend going to see them live and picking up a copy of this disc. Check out their myspace to stream more tracks and to download some of their older songs.

The April Skies - My Love Is In This House
The April Skies - Unstoppable



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