Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Weekend in Austin

*Tap*Tap* Is this thing on? Sorry about the delay, but I was having terribe connection issues yesterday, which made uploading and even loading this page nearly impossible. So, without further delay, here who's playing, and it's a big weekend!

Friday is complete madness. Who you gonna chose? At Stubb's, there is indie favorites Built To Spill with Helvetia and The Solace Brothers. The Album Leaf brings an electronic vibe to the Parish, joined by locals Bello Ragazzo. Want a little southern rock, funk, and soul? Go to Antone's for Mofro and Austin's Greyhounds. A great local show is going down at Mohawk, featuring the "Avant-Garde, Post Apocalyptic Electro-Pop" (their words, not mine) of Operator, shoe-gazish Crawling With Kings, and the more upbeat and rocking AUX and Go Nova. Support your local music scene! As usual, Emo's has a great show lined up. The alt-country of Oakley Hall, supported by local bands Brothers and Sisters (movin' on up to the East Side!, playing NYC, Philly and DC in November!), Pink Nasty, and Li'l Cap'n Travis. If you want something more outrageous. Emo's is hosting IDKE 8 (the 8th International Drag King Community Extravaganza) presents Dragdom. Yes, it is what you think. Be adventurous, I dare you!

Built To Spill

Is electronica making a come back? Saturday at the Backyard is the disco beats and synth-pop of Pet Shop Boys. It's an 80's flashback in west Austin! More electronica invades Stubb's with British Ladytron and Brazilian CSS. Too much synthesizer for you? Down the street at Emo's is more guitar than you shake a stick at. Indie-popers Thunderbirds Are Now!, Rescue, local pop-punkers Prom Nite, and The Always Already, described as post-punk meets new-wave dance-pop. The vocals have a definite early Robert Smith cadence and quality. Emo's is also doing the comedy thing, hosting Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter. You may know them from Stella on Comedy Central, among other things (MIB is all over those VH1 I Love the... specials).


Sunday is lacking in the amount, but not in the quality. Emo's is showing its urban side, with Method Man. But the big attraction is in Zilker Park, where the ancient monsters of rock, The Rolling Stones, try not to break a hip on stage. Opening is Texas band Los Lonely Boys.

That's what's going down that is approved by me. If you think I missed anything, drop me a line or leave a comment. Enjoy the tunage.

Built To Spill - Liar
Helvetia - Dusty Rue
The Solace Brothers - Did You Wrong
The Album Leaf - Always For You
Bello Ragazzo - So Sudden
Mofro - Fireflies
Greyhounds - You're Gone
Operator - Move On
AUX - Angus
Go Nova - Now You Know
Oakley Hall - All The Way Down
Brothers and Sisters - Breathing Lessons
Pink Nasty - May It Always Be
Li'l Cap'n Travis - Young Girl In Love
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Ladytron - Soft Power
CSS - Meeting Paris Hilton
Thunderbirds Are Now - The Veil Comes Down
Rescue - Breaking My Own Heart
Prom Nite - Monastery
The Always Already - Kinetic Hillsides
Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

And check out this video from Stella featuring Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter


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i love how Stella just recycles footage from west hot amercain summer at one point. ! amazing!

Friday, October 20, 2006  
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