Monday, October 16, 2006

The Week In Austin: The Weekday Edition

This town never cease to amaze me. The music is great this week and it's not even the weekend!

Start the week off right Tuesday at an acoustic show by Say Hi To Your Mom at End of an Ear at 6, then head on over to Emo's to see them again with Baltimore's Metal Hearts, who will be heading back home in early November. Or go to the west side and see Ozma and Hello Goodbye, along with Peachcake at La Zona Rosa.

Metal Hearts

Wednesday, go to the Chain Drive for a free show featuring Austin's The Boxing Lesson or head on down South Congress to Trophys for another local, Dross. Maybe you want to stay on Red River. Choose between the folk-indie stylings of Dodo Bird (Meric Long) at Emo's or the folk-indie stylngs of Ani DiFranco at Stubb's. Decisions, decisions.

Thursday is all about the roadshow. Different sounds and styles abound. Do you like southern fried americana and rock and roll? Then go to Antone's for a party New Orleans style with Cowboy Mouth. Seen these guys many times, and they never disappoint. I may be there, and yes, that will be me in front of the drum set. At La Zona Rosa, flashback to mine and yours college radio days (about 10 years ago for me!) as Dutch band Bettie Serveert takes the stage. I had no idea they were still around. And finally, all you industro-goth (or goth wannabes) and metal heads go to Emo's for the return of KMFDM! They are the drug against war!

Say Hi to Your Mom - Angels and Darlas
Metal Hearts - Socialize
Ozma - Wake Up
Hello, Goodbye - Figures A and B
Peachcake - BOSMT
Dodo Bird (Meric Long) - Notes
The Boxing Lesson - Back from the Dead
Dross - The Voices in My Head
Ani DiFranco - Nicotine
Cowboy Mouth - Love of My Life
Bettie Serveert - Afterhours
KMFDM - Son of a Gun


Anonymous choir said...

The Bettie Serveert's live album that they play vu songs one is hard to find.
"Bettie Serveert - Afterhours" ,maybe this file has expired
can you post it again.
I really love it.TKS

Friday, June 20, 2008  

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