Friday, October 20, 2006

Introducing Vince

Some people have seen Vince's name on our sidebar and asked me what that was all about. Well, I am finally ready to tell them. Starting today, Vince will be contributing a weekly rant to our site. He will also be doing some posts about his favorite music.

Mike and I go way back with Vince, circa 1994. When we were little college freshmen, he was the upperclassman that befriended us. The two of them hung out (aka drank) a lot. Since I was at school in Jersey at the time, I partied with them on the weekends. They even had their own radio show, which Vince alludes to in his premiere.

All you need to know about Vince, is that he is an Italian (with some Irish and German) from West Philly, has strong opinions and expresses them well. His writing can cause laughter, education and anger at the same time. He has his own blog, where he rants about everything that isn't music. You can check that out here.

Please join Mike and I in welcoming Vince to our site. We have heard these rants for years, and we are psyched to have him. I'll leave you with a group that always reminds us of our times hanging out with Vince in Collegeville, PA. The song is actually kind of fitting too.

Operation Ivy - Here We Go Again



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