Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Week's Releases

After a couple weeks with few releases of note, it seems that the fall lineup of great music started this week. The big names are coming out in full force and they're getting ready to bankrupt you. We even have some great releases from bands in our region. Of course, everybody is touring in support of these releases, so we have a ton of regional dates. Sit back and enjoy, this is going to be a long one.


My pick for this week's top release, would have to be Strawberry Jam by Baltimore's Animal Collective. Their second album pumps up the energy a lot more from the first and it will have you dancing with your headphones on in no time. They have been making their rounds with the new tunes and dazzling audiences everywhere, as every show turns in to a huge dance party. Their sound is electronic and experimental and not everyone is going to like this, but the band is OK with that. You can check them out, as follows:

9/28/07: 9:30 Club, DC
9/29/07: Starlight Ballroom, Philly


The next big release is Pinback's forth LP, Autumn of the Seraphs. Their soft voice with big sound motif, still stays strong in this release. This sounds more polished than any of their previous works, but it works. You can check them out, as follows:

10/05/07: TLA, Philly
10/07/07: 9:30 Club, DC

From Nothing To Nowhere

For the quirky listeners out there, Shout Out Louds have a new release called Our Ill Wills. With their pop sound that is indie enough for everyone to love, this new release is a great listen. I have had it on repeat a bunch of times on my mp3 player and I know that Joe is fond of this one. Some people call them "The Swedish Cure" and that is pretty accurate. You can check them out, as follows:

10/28/07: 9:30 Club, DC
10/29/07: First Unitarian Church, Philly

Tonight I Have To Leave It

For another regional release, one of IA's dear friends (headliners of our anniversary show and sponsors of our latest contest) Le Loup, has finally given The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nations' Millennium General Assembly to the people. Indie with a banjo is my favorite way of describing this release, as it sounds a little less energetic than the craziness that is their live show. As it should, since Sam recorded it long before he formed the band. One of the most interesting albums to grace your ears in a long time, this release is good all the way through. That said, you really need to see their intense live show. You can check them out, as follows:

9/29/07: Black Cat, DC *CD Release Party*

We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!

Another personal favorite regional release this week, is Lines by Baltimore's AVEC. One of the strongest rock releases of the year, this album has been stuck in my head from the first line of the first song. Rocking as hard as the newest Yeah Yeah Yeah's EP Is Is, this album still has it's indie undertones that keep you wanting more. What is even more unique, is the back and forth that Shawna and Brooks have in each song. While they sound somewhat similar, they bring their own feelings to every song and make you wonder what they went through to make each song so rich and full. Their songs are very dynamic and I hear that they are insane live. I can't wait to see them and have a feeling that they won't be Baltimore's best kept secret for much longer. You can check them out, as follows:

9/28/07: Ottobar, Baltimore *CD Release Party*

Albina Krobot
In Character

Film School's new release Hideout, also hit stores this week. This is a really nice rock album, but it's more toned down than AVEC's latest. Think Editors crossed with The National. This follow up to their self-titled first release, is a little different and takes on a deeper tone than the first. You can check them out, as follows:

10/21/07: Rock & Roll Hotel, DC
10/22/07: Johnny Brenda's, Philly


Black Lips have a new release, entitled Good Bad Not Evil. Think back to 80s punk and think about what it would sound like a little toned down with some southern roots, and that will give you an idea of what this sounds like. You can check them out, as follows:

9/14/07: Sonar, Baltimore
9/15/07: Black Cat, DC
9/16/07: Khyber, Philly

Cold Hands

Next up is the Dirty Projectors' new release Rise Above. If you like something totally different, than you are in luck. Not sticking to one particular style, this CD has something for everyone. You can check them out, as follows:

9/26/07: Black Cat, DC
9/27/07: Johnny Brenda's, Philly

No More

The Go! Team has finally released their new album as well. Proof of Youth keeps with the crazy dance beats and has some great vocals. If you are a fan of any of the band's previous releases or looking to check out something new, give this one a listen. You can check them out as follows:

10/26/07: Starlight Ballroom, Philly
10/30/07: 9:30 Club, DC

Doing It Right

Simian Mobile Disco is not just another rock band turning electronic. Their skill in combining infecting hooks with some great vocals, is very apparent in Attack Decay Sustain Release.

I Believe

Hot Hot Heat has their new release Happiness Ltd out this week. You can check them out as follows:

10/14/07: TLA, Philly
10/15/07: Rams Head Live, Baltimore

Let Me In

Eulogies has their self titled release out right now and they are supporting it with a tour with Film School. That tour pairing should give you a good idea of what kind of style they have. You can check them out, as follows:

10/21/07: Rock & Roll Hotel, DC
10/22/07: Johnny Brenda's, Philly

One Man

Grand National has given the public A Drink And A Quick Decision to listen to. This is dance music that is also an enjoyable listen.

Joker and Clown

Oakley Hall just came through the DC/Baltimore area last week in support of their new release I'll Follow You. The best way to describe their style, is sonic country.

No Dreams

The Good Life is on one of the best indie labels right now, Saddle Creek. They will be in DC next month allowing us all a glimpse into their newest, Help Wanted Nights. You can check them out, as follows:

10/05/07: First Unitarian Church, Philly
10/06/07: Rock & Roll Hotel, DC


Finally, love him or hate him, Kanye West dropped Graduation. Pitchfork has given this release it's stamp of approval and I do too.

Good Life

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Animal Collective album just gets better with every listen. So amazing.

Friday, September 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! It's a more helpful guide to live music in DC than the City Paper or WP offers.

Friday, September 28, 2007  
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