Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Drunks of the World Unite!

Who amongst us hasn't had a night or two (year, decade, whatever) where we've had a drink or twelve too many? Of course, none of us have. But if any of us were to find ourselves in such a position, wouldn't we want a rocking anthem to herald our foray into the depths of alcoholic despair? Certainly, we would.

Luckily for that group of which no IA reader is a part, The Hot Melts have come to the rescue with "The Alcohole." With crunchy guitars and jangly keyboards, this song gives an upbeat sounding slant to being three sheets to the wind a bit too often.

The Liverpool four-piece is the first band to sign to Epitaph’s brand new UK-based label, Wonderland Records. The group is getting ready to hit the road overseas this summer, highlighted with a spot at the O2 Wireless Festival. Assuming they make it to our neck of the woods sooner than later, I leave it up to you to decide whether or not to buy them drinks.

mp3: The Alcohole



Blogger Janice said...

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